Since 2012, Senso Engineering provides solutions to problems related to vibrations on structures. We make use of sensors of all kinds and involve research in every phase of our services. Senso is an engineering company in essence, but we rely very much on producing accurate field data to come up with the correct diagnosis and solutions.

We design our own solutions, tailor-made to requirements each time, but we also have products that can respond to most customer needs. Our methods, approaches and software help customers to identify problems in important structures such as bridges, tunnels, wind turbines, historically important buildings, industrial facilities etc. Problems we provide solutions for do not only require accurate field data but also high-end engineering knowledge and capacity.


We solve the most complicated structural problems, offering a reliable and quick help to the customer for complex problems of structural dynamics.

We support our customers from the diagnosis of the problem until the solution is applied and its effectiveness is proven. We rely on expertise, on state-of-the-art research in the field, and dedicated team members.


To be the reliable partner delivering solutions to the customers when they face complex structural problems with their assets or when they want to make sure that their infrastructure runs problem-free.