Structural Solutions for Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are simple structures but with limited redundancy. The structural integrity of the entire system relies on the foundation, foundation-to-tower connection and the tower itself, a system that can destabilize if one of these limited structural components fail. There are cases, for example, the structural integrity of a turbine is compromised when the foundation-related problems occur. Such failures may be caused by faulty construction, design mistakes, time dependent problems such as aging or fatigue, or simply due to extreme weather conditions.

Senso Engineering has a proven and an already applied technology of detecting structural problems in wind turbines, and providing solutions in combination with the age and fatigue life of the turbine. Senso TowerFix® is a customized product for detecting and quantifying the structural problems in wind turbines, as well as for providing a remedial solution to fix these problems.

Example Projects :

Wind Turbine Monitoring and Tower Fixing