Structural Solutions for Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are simple structures but with limited redundancy. The structural integrity of the entire system relies on the foundation, foundation-to-tower connection and the tower itself, a system that can destabilize if one of these limited structural components fail. There are cases, for example, the structural integrity of a turbine is compromised when the foundation-related problems occur. Such failures may be caused by faulty construction, design mistakes, time dependent problems such as aging or fatigue, or simply due to extreme weather conditions.

Senso Engineering has a proven and an already applied technology of detecting structural problems in wind turbines, and providing solutions in combination with the age and fatigue life of the turbine. Senso TowerFix® is a customized product for detecting and quantifying the structural problems in wind turbines, as well as for providing a remedial solution to fix these problems.

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Our Integrated Services in Damages in Foundations, Foundations-to-Towers and Towers of WPPs

Our Structural Monitoring Services

  • Installment of Senso TowerFix®, a turnkey monitoring system for foundation, foundation-to-tower joints and tower of WPPs and its implementation
  • Its integration into turbine control systems with measurement equipment
  • Data acquisition through smart algorithms and analysis of data by experienced expert engineers
  • Visualization of results including warning and alarm systems on a web portal
  • Detailed reporting of results to be submitted to authorities
  • Integration of monitoring results and periodical inspections

Project Design, Repair, Injection and Reinforcement

  • Preparation of instructions for implementation in necessary turbine repairs following the consideration of field and monitoring data in order of severity and priority, and their project designs
  • Field operations by ISG-certified field personnel and teams who are expert in technologies of structural monitoring of foundations and towers of turbines
  • Post-Operation Track and Trace

Our Services

  • Special situation assessment through monitoring fractures and damages and its reporting
  • Current situation assessment in general services and its reporting
  • Assessment and reporting prior to purchase and sale, handover, and insurance
  • Post-warranty assessment and reporting





Inspection Optimization and Reduction of Operating Costs

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Systems collect great amounts of data and structural-mechanical parameters especially acceleration, displacement and deformation. Yet, the main point here is the appraisal and interpretation of tremendous amount of collected data in terms of engineering discipline. This is the best possible way to diagnose any problems; calculate risks; make predictions; and offer concrete proposals for future actions.

As Senso Engineering, we make permanent monitoring in order to detect and fix structural damages in wind turbines; and generate one-to-one solutions. We make regular reportings of movements of structures by permanent monitoring and interpretation on 7/24 basis with our Senso NightWatch® monitoring and reporting software through already installed sensors or through separate sensors that we install in our operation. We send instant reporting in a meaningful and comprehensible manner if the current situation of the wind turbines reveal changes from that of  design phase both when in use or otherwise.

WPP Permanent Structural Monitoring

  • Reports when a specific value of winds and vibrations are exceeded
  • Makes long-term structural health reporting
  • Generates data for preventive structural care
  • Makes permanent monitoring in improved and repaired turbines

Service Life Extension

Wind turbines may have more structural problems than one may estimate due to multiple variables. Since these problems, hard to notice and diagnose, are related to foundation, tower and foundation tower and/or foundation-tower joint, their results prevent turbines from functioning altogether or at least from functioning at full capacity. These problems often cause loss of profits and work safety issues.

Fatigue in every steel structure, which has intensive service life and are exposed to different tension cycles determines the design criteria and most importantly economic life. Service life extension sought during the initial design phase or at least ensuring its intended life time is of vital importance for the investors.

Structural integrity of turbines, which may collapse due to fractures, weakening and dislocations in foundations and/or foundation-tower joints, pose risks for the balance of the machinery and the safety of the personnel. Our instant monitoring system Senso TowerFix® not only diagnoses structural damages at an early stage, but also delicately monitors any progress in damages by using artificial intelligence (AI) methods and incorporating EOC/SCADA data. Meanwhile, our system generates information on natural frequencies and remaining life time of turbines. This provides opportunities to decrease visual inspections and extend optimized service life.

Increasing Efficiency

Through the monitoring systems that we installed, we are collecting structural data vis-à-vis load bearing systems of turbines for the first time in Turkey and forming a data bank. Thus, diagnosis of any turbine problems through sensor data becomes easier with data obtained from sensors.

We provide services for optimization of operations, increase of efficiency and extension of service life by making reliable engineering recommendations with our correct diagnoses. There are always advanced signals in the diagnoses of the structural damages which may cause losses in production. In the event that these signals can be monitored, preventive care can be implemented without decreasing the turbine frequency or halting plants.

It is a difficult task to notice advanced signals which indicate structural problems in wind turbines because these systems have a structure that continuously swirl in different axes. Yet, data collection through structural monitoring is possible. These continuous swirl movements, millions of times in their life times, deepen weaknesses in foundations in time.

We are working on measures which must be taken in a timely manner to ensure that microfractures in foundations of wind turbines do not cause interruptions in production. We are ready to help you assess the situation of the foundations that carry your investment within the framework of risk-efficiency-guarantee.

  1. Who take risks when problems in turbine foundations deepen or are not noticed timely?
  2. Who are held accountable for the loss of profits emanating from decrease of efficiency and/or interruption of production due to damaged/weakening foundations of wind turbines?
  3. How realistic are the access to personnel in charge and solution process which are guaranteed in contracts?

We are a member of Turkey Wind Energy Association (Türkiye Rüzgar Enerjisi Birliği-TÜREB), our pioneer and supporter in our efforts to detect and remove WPP structural problems.

With healthy foundations come safe days with high profits.


  • Thanks to accumulation of knowledge and experience as well as swift support at global platforms and local service, growing trust in our system over the course of service life and decrease in energy generation costs
  • Staff who are expert in technologies of structural monitoring of turbine foundation, foundation-to-tower joints and tower with over 20 year experience and high technology equipment.
  • Expertise equipped with artificial intelligence in assessment of load-bearing systems and structural integrity during comprehensive post-warranty inspections.
  • Safety Administration and Workplace Health Safety-certified field personnel for personal protective equipment
  • Reports submitted in 7 work days following the field controls at the latest.
  • Implementation of instructions that turbine repairs be made in order of severity and priority.
  • Institutional membership at Turkey Wind Energy Association
  • Easy-to-install Senso TowerFix® monitoring system which can be worked in only hours
  • Detecting and monitoring any damages with Senso TowerFix® in a reliable and efficient manner
  • Form an opinion on undetected deformations with Senso TowerFix®monitoring system
  • Extension of service life by monitoring foundation damages and early detection
  • Decrease in the number of periodical checkups
  • Cost reduction in maintenance and repairs
  • Decrease in idle durations