Senso TowerFix® is a registered trademark of Senso Engineering and is a custom-made product designed for fixing wind turbine towers. The product consists of sensors custom-made for monitoring turbine tower-foundation connections, a software that can detect specific locations of the tower and of the foundation designed to spot the potential problem areas. TowerFix® uses a special algorithm, developed by Senso engineers, to combine the state of the wind turbine tower-foundation integrity with the remaining fatigue life of the turbine.

TowerFix® is also designed to identify the actual dynamic properties of the wind turbine structure under various wind loads in a period of 6 months or a year. In this way, the actual structural response is detected, and back-engineering process is applied to find the actual fatigue response of the tower until the day of measurement. This approach allows owners to extend the life of the wind turbine and go beyond the provided fatigue life.