How To Monitor Cracks in Wind Turbine Foundations?

Here are the data collected and methods for collecting data during routine checks on turbine foundations and monitoring turbines.

We encourage you to contact Senso Engineering Ltd. in the event of cracks being detected.

It is necessary to determine whether these identified cracks have a structural character or not. Therefore, it is necessary to project the cracks onto a sketch and create a “crack map “. To create such a ‘map’:

  • First, at least 2 reference measurement points should be determined along the cracks.
  • Cracks are measured via a crack ruler by hand.
  • The measurement points are marked on the cracks and c measurements are provided from the same points in the future. (Figure 1)
  • After all cracks are numbered and marked, the information obtained is be transferred to a scale drawing and other information are processed here. (Figure 2)