You May Need to Strengthen Your Wind Turbines!

Problems in foundations generally emanate from design and workmanship. Due to long distances and access problems, and lack of adequate controls in speedy production phases, these problems are common and often go unnoticed and undiagnosed or worse get covered up. If diagnosed, these problems can be solved in such operations as addition of carbon or fiber glass-based equipment, making injections, integration of layers into one another or repair of reinforced concrete. In some cases, solutions can be very hard or impossible.

In order to take structural preventive measures in foundation-to-tower joints, first of all, lost flexural rigidity must be detected. Sometimes, flexion in towers can be permanent. If this is the case, these situations must be added to calculations. The only way to transfer them to correct computer simulations is to measure the real situation in field with sensors. Then, necessary strengthening must be done in order to return rigidity. The most common difficulties in strengthening works are as follow:

  • Swift implementation with minimum halt in turbines which are in operation
  • Friction-based construction of systems in controlled construction processes since bodies of structures cannot be welded
  • Determination of wind velocity limits by taking into consideration current age of turbines and remaining service/operation life