Seismic Monitoring at a Station

Marmaray is a partially operational transportation project with an immersed tube tunnel under Bosporus, Istanbul. The tunnel consists of two metro lanes. The construction of the above-ground stations and the railways still continue as of 2018. There are several old stations and other buildings along the alignment of the project. The historical Goztepe Station is one of such structures that need to be adapted to the requirements of the modern Marmaray project.

Senso Engineering was hired to design and install a continuous monitoring system on the building. This monitoring system was designed to detect any further developments in the existing cracks due to the construction and piling works around the structure. The monitoring system was also used for detecting the damages on the old station due to earthquakes.

Senso engineers regularly processed the monitoring data and informed the relevant parties about the current health of the structure, the results of heavy construction works close-by or any significant earthquakes occurred. Senso has also conducted ambient vibration tests on the structure, the results of which were used for FE model calibration.

Customer : OBS Engineering and OHL
Project Date : 2018
Location : Turkey